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Dream (neckpiece)


“This piece is an introspection of how I view myself in the world. I have been fascinated with butterflies since I was very young. They start life as a totally different creature and transform into something beautiful, yet they appear fragile, vulnerable and with but a fleeting moment of time to share their beauty with the world. I often see an individual butterfly. It seems to appear from nowhere and soon gone, in a short display of color and grace. Where did it come from? Why is it alone? It feels as if it is trying to share a message. 

With this creation, there is a butterfly flying in a sea of flowers. But even that single delicate life has a strong presence and existence. I tend to spend long periods of time by myself in my studio. I feel like I am wandering through my surreal world looking for a way to fly and to create my art, bringing a moment of beauty to life to share with the world."



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